analytical chemistry is a killer subject

esok exam analytical chemistry…apa itu analytical chemistry…sem nih lebih kepada instrumentation of analytical chemistry like  mass spectrometry,atomic absorption spectroscopy,uv,voltammetry and so on…

why this subject is call killer subject ??coz a lot of thing need to remember..every single part of instrument need to remember..function,advantages,disadvantages, and so need a lot of time to study this subject…actually if we know the concept of all this thing…it will be the easiest subject n quite interesting to learn…hoho…

why i said interesting…because using all this instrument we can measure concentration,type of element in  solution or whatever in this world…such as manganese in food,iron in milk and so on..very nice right???hehehehe

chemistry is is chemistry….

plasma is a stream of high ionised gas containing equal number of electron and positive ion. and the natural plasma occur is “kilat”…hahahahha

voltammetry::::hoho..why suddenly i fall in love with analytical chemistry lew????ermm i think next time i will introduce more about chemistry k….maybe i will share about enviromental chemitry…hoho…


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One response to “analytical chemistry is a killer subject

  1. whiteknight

    hahaha..time dulu aku stdy subject nie ex bapa mertua bingo ajor. So, kelas jadi lebih menarik & tertarik.. hehe..
    bila xder kelas, sok confirm beli paper.. =)
    sakit kepala jugak stdy mtdy subjek nie.
    alhamdulillah lulus syukur sgt2.. =0

    chemistry tetap dihati!

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